Website Helps Cats With Separation Anxiety

April 16, 2019

When you think about pet separation anxiety, the talk usually revolves around dogs but cats can also suffer anxiety and depression when you leave your home for some time. Along with howling and destroying whatever they get their paws on, it is mentally hard on them which can develop into additional behaviors you don't want from your cat.  Fortunately there is a website that offers entertainment for your cat. is a site full of music and videos that are designed to keep your cat company. The audio and video selections have been designed using over six years of research in providing entertainment that is effective for 87% of cats. For instance, there are 6-hour playlists for playing while you’re at work that are supposed to help your cat sleep and another set of four-hour videos that are intended to help your feline friend with their separation anxiety. There’s a channel for loud noises and thunder, music for your cat to groom themselves to, and a special kitten-only channel for the little ones. While can be viewed from your computer, tablet and phone as well as Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire Tv, it does cost $5 a month.  But it is a small price to pay to keep your feline fine when you are out working.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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