Couples With Big Age Gaps Face Difficulties

October 11, 2019



When it comes to love there's no magic formula, relationships are as unique as the people in them. However couples with large age gaps do face a unique set of challenges that can put their relationship at risk. Mainly because of the differences in life stages, some relationships may be close at first but over time as the different needs of different life stages can pull a loving couple apart. Not to mention the social disapproval - mainly because individuals believe the younger lover is 'exploiting' the older partner - being at different life stages and not being able to relate to each other's friends and peers.  On average a man prefers to partner with a woman three years their junior and for women it's three years their senior. And while there is exceptions to all of the above, a relationship and body language expert says the maximum age gap is half your age plus seven. Even though research shows that the bigger the age gap the more difficulties a couple will face and the greater the risk of divorce. That risk decreases the older we get, as our experiences, life stages, goals, and resources become more aligned.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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