Yes, There Is A Florida Accent And No, Many Americans Do Not Find It Sexy

May 16, 2019

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When you think of language accents across the USA, the southern drawl and the wicked good Boston accent immediately come to mind. However virtually every state and area has its own unique sound when it comes to dialect.  Now a new survey of 1.5 million people has ranked the sexiest and least sexiest accents in America, and it’s not a huge surprise the slow Texan draw is ranked as the sexiest. This southern dialect with a twist has plenty of strong 'r's and 'howdy's'.  The Boston accent, with it's hard 'A's  ranks second, followed by the New York accent, ‘A’s not as hard as Boston is 3rd, the Mainer 4th  and the Chicago accent, with it's short vowels sounds, round out the top 5.  As for Florida, our dialect doesn't seem to spark a sensuous feel. Described as a baffling mix of Midwest and Northeast with a hint of Southern, the Florida accent takes 44th out of 50.  According ot this survey, a Floridian accent can be described in saying a sandwich as a sangwith.  However not all of Florida sounds the same.  Thanks to the large Cuban, Puerto Rican and South America community and Spanish language influence, the Miami accent ranks 13th. The difference in Miami sound lies primarily in the vowels. While English has 11 different vowel sounds, Spanish only has five, which creates a mash -up of certain sounds.  For instance, English words like "man" and "hand" include a long nasal "A" sound that doesn't exist in Spanish. Miamians now pronounce these words with a subtly Spanish shading a bit more like "mahn" and "hahnd."   The standard American accent is what you’re most likely to hear on the radio or TV, where it’s near impossible to tell where the newscasters are from ranks 32nd in the survey, while the Californian accent, which is much like the standard American ranks 10th thanks to their super long vowels.  The complete listings from 50 to 1 are HERE.

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SOURCE: Big Seven Travel

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