Trick In Turning An Uncomfortable Chair Into A Comfortable Cloud

September 28, 2018

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Nothing can be worse than sitting at a desk all day in the world's most uncomfortable chair. That office chair can lead to an evening of lower back pain, joint discomfort and tingling nerves that drive you crazy!  But this simple trick can turn even the worst chair into a cloud of comfort. Banish the backrest and sit on the edge of your seat. You see, modern chairs aren’t built for our true ergonomic needs. Today’s large, cushy chairs, while they may feel comfortable to sink into after a long day, are bad for our backs. They’re probably too deep, leading us to sink back instead of sitting up straight, and too soft, causing our spines to bend. Believe it or not, our bodies were better off in the days when chairs were made of hard wood, with flat, firm surfaces that were proportional to the human body. Plus sitting on the edge will encourage better posture and that will keep back and joint pain to a minimum.  Even on a park bench, bus seat or your doctor's waiting room, choose to sit on the edge of the chair and you'll turn that uncomfortable feeling into an enjoyable sitting experience!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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