Receive Texts From Santa Claus

December 6, 2019
Santa texting

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Santa may be pushing 1,750 years old, but he can still learn a new trick or two. Even though we are in Santa's busiest month, we can keep in touch with him via text. SlickText, a mass text message marketing platform, is getting in the Christmas spirit this year by helping distribute text messages from the North Pole. The content is child-friendly but adults can get on the list, too. Select “child,” “adult” or “senior” for messages tailored to different age groups. You can expect a text from Santa approximately once every five days and then once a day in the week leading up to Christmas. Santa says he'll send Christmas jokes, sayings, recipes, facts—little reminders to help make the Christmas season exciting. Plus, he might need to verify some facts with you as he makes his list and checks it twice. And SlickText swears they (and Santa) won’t spam you—they won’t try to sell you anything or sell your phone number to a third party. Once Christmas is over, you won’t receive any more messages. You can opt out any time by replying with “STOP.” Sign up HERE.

SOURCE: Offspring

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