This May Be Why You Are Still Hungry After Eating A Big Meal

September 11, 2018

Ahh! Dinner is here and there is a lot of it!  SO why is it after you eat a big meal within a couple of hours you find yourself hungry again? Is your metabolism faster?  Did you stomach work overtime because you ate such a big meal? According to a registered dietitian if you're still hungry after eating, it's likely that you're not getting enough protein and fiber in your diet. Fiber and protein can help you feel full for longer.  However, if you're taking in plenty of protein and fiber, another potential reason why you never feel full might have something to do with your love of sugar. If you eat a lot of processed, sugary foods, you are left feeling hungry after a meal because your body didn't get the nutrients it really needs. The spike in blood sugar from processed foods causes a quick burst of energy followed by a quick crash leading to hunger.  It's why a balanced diet is so important.  IT doesn't means you have to cut out your favorite foods but balance them with foods that deliver nutrients to your body, will keep your body full for a while and doesn't result in a high spike in your blood sugar. There may be need to talk about your hunger with your doctor is you still are hungry after eating balanced meals.  Your body may be lacking in a particular vitamin or mineral, such as magnesium which is necessary for the digestion and absorption of proteins, cars and fats.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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