Avoid Having A Blooper Room

June 20, 2019


If your house has been lingering on the market, the reason it hasn’t sold may have nothing to do with price or location. Real estate agents say there could be a “blooper room,” or a problematic space that needs work in an otherwise turn-key home, keeping buyers from making an offer. For buyers looking for the fixer-upper experience, having just one room that needs work may not be enticing as a cheaper gut renovation. And for those who want a completely updated home, having to deal with a project might be a turn-off, as well. But more important to you, how do you spot a blooper room?  A really old kitchen. Beyond appliances the work space of the kitchen has changed over the years.  If you are unable to move around if the oven door is down, it may be hindering a sale. Work with your agent to see if it’s worth putting in a low-lift upgrade or throwing up a buyer-friendly color to entice buyers. They may also recommend certain staging techniques to help display functionality. A stuffy room, like a formal dining room, can be a huge turn-off for buyers too. Realtors say this is the hardest room to sell. So stage it as a more casual space—like an office, kids’ playroom or a game room. A lot of clutter can be a blooper too, so rent a storage locker if you cannot part with the extra stuff until your home sells.  The current Home buying trend is to have a bright and open laundry room.  So if yours is a tight-fitting dreary space, consider ways to brighten it up with a quick trip to Pinterest to guide you through the update. Finally a dark bedroom can stop homebuyers from signing the contract. While adding some lighting may seem to fix the problem, adding some strategically-placed mirrors can make a big difference.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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