Two Really Good Reasons To Delay Your Decluttering

August 3, 2018

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There comes a time when you home fills up with stuff. Closets, tables, under the bed can all be areas that desperately need to be decluttered rather than becoming a hoarder. While you get that satisfaction feeling when you've cleaned up it usually gets pushed down the "to-do" list.  But there are two reasonably good reasons you should delay your decluttering plan. The first is for sentimental items.  It is near impossible to let go of them while the sentiments are fresh or even raw. Waiting a bit, until the poignancy of memory has mellowed, does not necessarily mean that the items will have less sentimentality attached to them. But with a little bit of distance, you may be able to ferret out the few things that move your heart the most and keep only these. The other benefit of putting a hold on decluttering certain types of items is that when you wait, you're able to evaluate your entire collection—in order to see and save the "best of." Looking at an entire collection or grouping of similar types of items can take many forms, often quite personal and sometimes spanning many years. For instance, your child's art projects.  While your fridge may be covered in them, you may want to hold on to them all for a while to find the one's you (or your child cherish the most.  This logic applies back to the sentimental, too: by keeping the best examples of a larger collection, you can pare down your sentimental items without sacrificing all of your favorite physical memory triggers.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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