Buy Your Kids A Real Vacuum Cleaner Instead Of The Toy Version

September 29, 2020

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Usually giving a plug-in appliance without it being on a wish list is a sure-fire way to find yourself sleeping on the couch.  But there are times when gifting a household appliance is a good thing, especially if you have kids. While you see a vacuum cleaner as a chore, a young child sees it as fun. It's why you will see toy vacuum cleaners in the toy section of every department store in the country. There's good reason too as kids like to play like they’re grownups. And of all these toys, the vacuum cleaner holds the deepest, most universal allure for toddlers and little kids. However kids instinctively know, from a very early age, that there is a difference between a toy and the real deal. So rather than investing up to $60 on another giant piece of plastic that doesn’t actually do what it pretends to do, gift your child the real deal. Finding a cheap vacuum cleaner that really works not only allows them to pay "grown up," but can be used as a teaching tool on cleaning up after themselves. Many parents who have made the switch say it is now easier than ever to get their kids to pick up their toys when you dangle the "you can vacuum after you pick up your toys" statement. Just make sure you are constantly supervising their cleaning antics.  Opting for a cordless version may be a little easier to maneuver and safer as to not trip or tangle themselves in a power cord.

SOURCE: Offspring

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