Protect Yourself Form An Infection While Swimming

August 1, 2019


here are scary news stories about people who catch infections while swimming and sometimes die from germs in the water. Although there are hazards to avoid when swimming the good news is most of the hype of these infections is over-inflated and in most circumstances, rare. Yes, there’s really an amoeba that crawls up your nose and destroys your brain tissue and it is possible for it to enter your body from swallowing water or snorting it up your nose, but there has to be a lot of perfect scenarios for this to happen. There are several species of bacteria that live in the ocean that can make you sick. Most commonly they cause food poisoning (think raw shellfish) and can also make you sick by entering your body from an open cut or wound. The common theme in all these horrible cases is that an organism entered your body either through your mouth, nose or a wound.  SO minimize the risk by not swallowing water while swimming or bathing in a river, spring or ocean. And if you have a fresh cut or open wound, stay out of the water until it heals.  Wash your hands when coming out of the water, especially if you are planning to eat or use your hands to prepare food. If you cut yourself while in a body of water, make sure to clean it thoroughly and quickly and cover it with a waterproof bandage.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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