Hot Streets And Sidewalks Can Burn Your Pet's Paws

June 7, 2019

© Lilun | Dreamstime

The hot summer months are here and the long days of the sun beating down on means the streets and sidewalks are scalding hot.  While you have the protection of shoes, sandals and flip-fops, your dog do not and their paws can burn just by taking them for a walk!  You can use the "seven-second rule" to determine if the surface is too hot for them to walk on it. Place the back of your hand on the surface of the ground for seven seconds. If you struggle to hold it down, it’s too hot. Or just walk on it with bare feet for a few seconds and see how quickly you start hopping around. While getting your dog to wear booties can be a struggle, it really is the best protection for their paws on hot (and cold) surfaces as well as sharp objects.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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