Home Values Higher Around Trader Joe's

September 17, 2019



The three rules of real estate are location, location and location. Good schools, close to work and shopping are desirable and according to one study, living near a Trader Joe’s can give your property a major boost in value and a return on your investment. ATTOM Data Solutions compared the impact of living near a Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and Aldi store for nearly 2,000 zip codes nationwide. Researchers looked at current average home values, five-year home price appreciation, current average home equity, home seller profits and home flipping rates. The average home seller return on investment (ROI) for these zip codes was 37%, but living near a Trader Joe's boosted that ROI percentage to a whopping 51%. Living near a Whole Foods saw a 41% return while living near an Aldi had a 41% return. Additionally, those who own a home near a Trader Joe's own an average 37% equity in their homes, compared to the national average of 25%. Whole Foods saw 31% equity, while Aldi saw only 20%. However, if you're looking to flip a home, that's a whole other story. Properties near an Aldi location are shown to have nearly double the average gross flipping percentage rate of those near a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. They also had a 9% higher five-year home price appreciation than Trader Joe's and a 10% higher appreciation than Whole Foods.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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