Chef Offers Proper Way To Hold A Knife When Chopping Food

December 17, 2018

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Picture yourself in the kitchen preparing to chop cilantro for your gooey guacamole. You reach for the cutting board and a knife and begin to chop.  If you use one finger out to push down along the top of the spine of the knife when chopping, you're using your knife wrong! This position actually puts pressure on hand, wrist, elbows, and even upper shoulder and can even lead to getting cuts on your hand! A professional chef offer a better way to chop with a knife. Let's start with the chopping board.  Many home cooks stand side-on to a chopping board, which puts your body in an odd position.  Instead stand front on, with a good stance of about 2 inches from the chopping board. Then pinch the knife blade between your thumb and index finger, while your three fingers loosely curl around the handle. By holding the blade this way you have more control. When chopping, make sure the tip of the knife stays on the board, while the body rises and lowers, with your hand pushing the knife to slide forward. If you find your board slides while you chop, place a wet paper towel underneath it to prevent it from moving.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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