Start Planning For Christmas Before Labor Day

August 26, 2019

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We are one week away from Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer.  And we are 121 days away from Christmas and while the sweltering heat is firmly locked in on Florida, it's easy to not think about Christmas yet.  But what tends to happen is you wake up one morning and realize you've got a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in preparation for Christmas.  That is why now is a good time to start your Christmas prep so that you don't feel so overwhelmed come December 1st. One of the biggest stresses is your gift list.  From events and parties to last-minute gifts, there is too much to do all at once.  SO by writing down your gift-giving list now, it will help you set clear expectations for the season ahead and avoid the last-minute scramble to find a gift for someone you’ve forgotten.  This will also help you identify the things you can take care of right now, like deciding what to buy for the annual white elephant exchange and stocking up on hostess gifts for holiday parties. Since you’ve already made a list of who you’ll need to buy gifts for, shopping summer sales can help you save some serious cash on this year’s gift haul. Christmas in July, Amazon Prime Day, and Labor Day sales are basically the summer equivalent of Black Friday—and you don’t have to skip Thanksgiving dinner to get these deals! Make a list of potential gifts (and set a spending limit) for each person, and watch for those items to go on sale. If you want to make personal gifts, now is the time to make them.  These projects always take longer than you think they will, so don’t leave them until the last minute. Plus, when you’re not scrambling to get things done, you’ll have time to make more homemade gifts—and save some extra cash. Plan the family Christmas card now. Getting everyone together to take the perfect family photo for the card can be daunting—especially during the busy holiday season. If you’re planning to host a lot of people for the holidays, chances are high that you’ll need to cater to at least one dietary restriction. Whether you need to provide a vegan side dish or a paleo dessert option, plan out your new recipes and test each one out at least once before the holiday season.

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SOURCE: Better Home & Gardens

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