Pizza Injuries Land Thousands In The ER

September 7, 2018

© Antongepolov | Dreamstime

Pizza isn't known as a health food and come to find out its downright dangerous!  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that last year, 2,300 people had to go to the emergency room for pizza-related injuries ranging from cuts from slicing the pie to burns from the hot, gooey cheese. In its latest report, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission explores every kind of unthinkable injury and reminds us that even the best things in life can be risky. For all the pizzas ordered annually, many are injured falling while carrying pizza, falling in pizza places and even falling out of bed while reaching for pizza. Food-related injuries in general are a good reminder that if we have 'more mindfulness' about even the most mundane things, we'll be less accident-prone and end up being admitted to the hospital for quite a silly reason!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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