Picking Out The Perfect Watermelon

July 6, 2020

Summer and watermelon go hand in hand!  Growers across the country say this year's crop is especially sweet and offer the best advice on picking the perfect watermelon.  First, look for its field spot.  It's the yellowish belly where the watermelon was positioned on the ground while attached to the vine. If it is ripe, the color should be a creamy, almost a butter-like yellow. The bigger the yellow belly and the creamier the color means the more time the melon spent ripening on the vine. If the spot is smaller or looks more white than yellow, then the melon may not be as ripe. You've probably heard people thumping or tapping a melon, or perhaps do it yourself, to find a ripe one.  But you may be thumping or tapping the wrong area.  Growers say thumping or tapping the underbelly (the yellowish area) and listening for a deeper sound will ensure you are picking a ripe one. If it’s over-ripe, it’ll have a hollow or flat sound, which can indicate that the flesh is starting to become soft and spoil. Finally, beauty isn't everything. When it comes to watermelons, you’re going to want to find ones that are dull and heavy—not the most photogenic. If a watermelon is shiny on the outside that means that it’s not ripe. And if it’s heavier than the rest of the melons available, that’s a good sign. Because watermelons are 92% water, a heavier melon likely holds more water, which will make it juicier

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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