Pet Owners Tend To He Happier, Healthier and Wealthier

August 10, 2018

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Pet owners already know that the joys of having kitty-kitty and dog-dog as part of the family but pet owners tend to not only be happier in life but exercise more often and earn more money than those without a pet, claims a new survey.   Researchers calculated that pet owners were twice as likely to consider themselves a success. In fact, 9 in 10 owners agreed that their furry family members were good for their health and well-being. Pet owners surveyed were more likely to be married, have a child, hold a college degree, and work the “perfect job.” And that job pays more as pet-loving participants earned nearly $5,200 more per year than their counterparts as well as tend to volunteer for charities more frequently. But keeping your home free of animals isn’t all bad. Households without pets are more likely to have their mortgage paid off and are able to retire earlier in life. Retiring ahead of schedule may seem heavenly to many, but 7 in 10 dog and cat owners simply feel more relaxed with their pet by their side. Half of the segment agree they never feel lonely, while 16% say their canine or feline friends brought out their social side; so much so that they say if it wasn’t for their pet, they wouldn’t ever speak to others. The survey was conducted by the research firm OnePoll.

SOURCE: StudyFinds

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