Pet-Friendly Area Rugs

March 5, 2020

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You no longer have to make a choice between your love of pets and your love of decorative rugs! You just need to choose your materials wisely. You want something that’s durable and easily cleaned, low-pile and one that won’t break the bank, since, as we all know, anything can happen when pets are in the house. A natural dried plant fiber often used to make burlap, jute makes for a beautiful, organic rug that fits any decor style. Nylon, polypropylene, and other synthetic materials are known for their durability and ease of cleaning. Most are pretty non-absorbent, which means they don’t stain easily, and they typically have a low pile, so won’t be easily chewed or clawed at by your curious four-legged friend. Wool rugs are very much pet-friendly. Wool fibers are highly flexible and won’t lose their shape when they get wet, making wool rugs extremely durable. Like synthetic materials, they’re not fluffy or stringy, so your pet won’t be tempted to tear at it. Even better? The material naturally resists stains and moisture, too, and if dirt gets onto a wool rug a vacuum can easily pull it out. Rugs you should avoid are shag rugs—those thick, fluffy rugs that almost look like fur, should be passed up. Lots of stuff can get stuck in such a plush, stringy material, and they’re easier for pets to chew on or claw at. Same goes for any high-pile rugs. Hair and dirt easily get lodged into the crevices, and can be tough to get it out. Any rug with tassels or fringe is also best avoided. Those frilly exteriors are prime play toys for your pets, even though they look nice. Finally, it’s probably better to pass on vintage finds. They’re typically more delicate and can require special cleaning—not something you’ll want to be doing bi-weekly.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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