Many Pets Are Not Fans of Wearing Halloween Costumes

October 4, 2019

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:  Halloween costumes are out for sale in many stores, including ones for our pets.  While the thought of dressing up your Dachshund as a hot dog is adorable, many, if not most, pets dislike the practice.  Here's why.  Dogs evolved from wolf-like ancestors centuries ago but they still have many wild traits.  Their cousin, modern day wolves are prone to covering a subservient wolf’s body with their own as a form of reprimand. In covering a dog’s body with a costume, a dog might have a genetic disposition to feel like they’re being corrected. That’s why some might simply freeze in place or otherwise act sullen. If they duck to get away, keep their tail low or ears back, or generally keep their body tight and low, that's submissive, appeasement behavior. Although cats are not pack animals, they exhibit the same characteristics. A cat's survival response to becoming limp when wearing a costume is the same they'd employ if grabbed by a predator. Perhaps you have worked with your pet for years in wearing clothing and costumes.  You still should take steps to ensure they are safe. No duds should obscure their eyes or face or fit too snugly around their chest. If your dog exhibits signs of duress—pawing, itching, cowering, pinned ears, tucked tail, then you should reconsider their participation in the festivities. If you want to test their temperament before buying a costume, try putting them in a T-shirt. If they look unhappy, spare them the additional stress of dressing them up like a taco.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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