Women Can Save Money By Shopping For Personal Care Items In The Men's Section

August 16, 2019

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It is true that many products marketed towards girls and women are priced higher than equal products marketed towards boys and men.  A 2015 report from the New York City Department of Affairs found that personal care products were on average 13% higher for products aimed at women than men and women's products cost more 42% of the time compared to just 18% of men's products costing more than those for women. In many cases, there’s no scientific reason to buy products designed for women, outside of personal preference. In fact, you can save a chunk of change by simply buying products aimed at men or products that don’t seem to have much of a gendered advertisement at all. Among the worst offenders of the so-called "pink tax" are razors, which sometimes costs up to twice as much as men's razors. As for shaving cream, there’s little to no difference in the actual contents of the can. Other than scent, the ingredients are the same. Women’s shampoo and conditioner cost almost 50% more than men's. As with razors, there is very little difference between shampoos and conditioners targeted to men and women. Lotion targeting women costs around 11% more when the lotion itself is pretty much the same for men too. Again, it comes down to scent but most dermatologist recommend you stick with unscented varieties to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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