98.5 KTK Gainesville Ocala People Trading Their Smart Phone For "Dumb" Feature Phones

August 21, 2018

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Everything that is old will eventually become new again. For instance, 20 years ago, our mobile phones were just that; a phone you talked into from just about anywhere you could get a signal.  Then came the smart phone that was more than just a device to speak in to.  In fact, many people preferred not to talk into them at all, preferring to send a text or message instead.  Plus, games, social media and even watching live TV became the norm as the entire world was finally available instantly in your hand. Now it appears some people are returning to our primitive cell phone ways.  According to research, the global smartphone market shrank by 5% during the last quarter of 2017, while feature, or "dub," phone grew by 5%.  It's a trend that has some traction, considering once dominant Nokia re-introduced it's widely popular 3310 phone, 17 years after it was the world's most popular phone. It’s simplicity with a number pad for texting and the popular (and basic) snake game was as high tech as you could get. While industry insiders say the slowdown in smart phone sales is due to make not willing to pony up hundreds of dollars for new phones when their current one works fine, there are others who say people simply want to disconnect and feel their smart phone addiction can be broken by using a simpler phone. It could be the motivation behind Apple and Google releasing features in their latest software that alert you to the time you spend on your phone and allows you to lock it when you reach a certain threshold of viewing.  The feature is available now as part of Android 9.0, known as pie, and will be available for Apple with the iOS 12 update scheduled to be released next month.


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