Peep On A Perch Picks Up Where Elf On A Shelf Left Off

March 13, 2019

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Well it appears Elf on a Shelf has some cousins looking for work! Come to find out the Easter bunny needs help just like Santa in keeping tabs on kids.  So Peep on a Perch has come to the rescue! Like the Christmas version, Peeps' set comes with a storybook meant to inspire good behavior in children and a plush toy to watch over them and serve as a reminder to behave well. The more kids are conscious of using good manners, helping around the house, and being kind to others. The more kindness the Peep sees, the happier it gets as we approach Easter. Parents point out that unlike the Elf on the Shelf, the Peep is meant to be touched and played with, which younger kids enjoy. Peep on a Perch sells for around $20 online and in stores. 

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SOURCE: Delish

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