Parents List Most Important Hacks

August 31, 2018

© Christinlola via Dreamstime

There is no instruction manual for being a parent but thankfully there is a lot of advice.  According to a recent survey of 2,000 parents number one on the list is knowing the secret to getting children to eat their vegetables.  How to stop a supermarket tantrum, understanding what emojis mean and memorizing the names of TV characters were also top picks.  How to make the perfect pancake, how to remove chewing gum from hair and being able to tell when a child should go from a car seat to a booster seat were also agreed on as vital pieces of information. While knowing technical skills, such as setting up parental controls on devices and knowing different social media acronyms are essential, more traditional methods, such as insisting on good manners and letting children fail to help them learn were popular too. One third of respondents said they would go to their mother over their father for parenting-related questions and nine in 10 agreed the older generation had passed on useful parenting advice. And three in 10 said one of the most useful recommendations they took on was "to be a parent and not a friend".

SOURCE: The Independent 

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