Men And Women Experience Pain Differently

August 29, 2019

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It turns out that men feel pain more intensely than women if the pain is caused by a similar method experienced before. A team of researchers from Canada discovered that men are more sensitive and stressed if they know they are about to undergo a painful experience that's happened to them before. The finds are important because increasing evidence suggests that chronic pain is a problem to the extent that you remember it. Knowing how men react to new pain and old memories may lead to treatments that target memory more than pain. Another study found that men experience more pain after major surgery, while women feel more pain following minor procedures. A four-year study interviewed 10,000 men and women within 24 hours after surgery. The participants answered questions about their operation, the anesthesia they received and their level of pain. Researchers found that men were 27% more likely to have more moderate pain after major vascular and orthopedic surgery, while women were 34% more likely to report higher levels of pain after minor procedures, such as biopsies.

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SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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