Cut Down Your Email Time By Organizing It With Two Folders

February 28, 2019

It is estimated that we spend an average of 20 hours a week dealing with email.  That's 28% of our week dedicated to opening, replying, acting and deleting email. But one method touted by a time management firm claims you can cut down your email time by 50%. First is to just use two email folders.   Rather than organizing emails, or just leaving them all in your inbox, create a folder of items you need to act upon and the second of items you just need to read. Besides making it easier to file emails away, it also leads people to use their email application’s search bar to re-find emails and according to research, using the search feature is up to 50% faster than scrolling through a folder. Next, turn off the notification feature. Research shows that it can take more than a minute to get back on track after you get an email notification — not to mention that these notifications will tempt you to check email far more often than you should. Speaking of checking your inbox, get into the habit of just checking it once an hour. On average, we check our inboxes two to three times an hour.  By cutting back to once an hour will free up time and since most people expect an answer within an hour, you will still be able to give important mail relatively immediate attention. Archive or delete emails as soon as you read them.  We spend hours each week re-reading emails we’ve left in our inbox; so read the emails you get when they come in, and put them in the right folder immediately. As for emails that require a response but you aren’t quite ready to respond, tag them in a to-do list, which will be easily available rather than sifting through your inbox.

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SOURCE: Marketwatch

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