What To Do With LEGOs After Your Kids Outgrow Them

January 4, 2019

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LEGOs have been a childhood staple for decades. Colorful interlocking bricks pair perfectly with the imagination of a child making LEGO the world's most powerful brand, according to Brand Finance.  But what happens when your kid grows up and loses interest, leaving you stuck with bins full of bricks? Although LEGOs are made of plastic, they are made with ABS plastic which is not recyclable at all! Adding insult to injury, many donation organization will not accept LEGOs if they’re out of their original packaging due to sanitary reasons. However there are a few online sits that will take your unwanted LEGOs to keep them out of landfills so they once again will be toys wanted by children. One of them is Brick Recycler, which accepts your pre-loved LEGOs through the mail. Brick Recycler then matches those donations with recipients, which may include hospital patients, children in foster care, or kids living in low-income areas. They accept mismatched sets or those with missing pieces, and they also handle the sanitation themselves. Another LEGO donation site is The Giving Brick and BrickDreams, which is run by two teen boys, who will match your donation with child victims of domestic violence and abuse. On the bright side, there's now hope that getting rid of old LEGOs won't be as difficult or as big of an environmental issue in the future. Last March, the company announced it would start manufacturing some bricks made from a sustainable bioplastic derived from sugarcane.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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