Oreo Music Box Plays Songs When You Put Oreos On It

November 27, 2018

© Bartosz Luczak | Dreamstime

 Seems that Oreo is obsessed with making eating them fun.  If your Oreo-eater has lost their fun mojo, then you may want to get the Oreo Music Box. By simply placing an Oreo cookie on the "turntable," the stereo will start playing Oreo songs. If that wasn't fun enough, apparently the song changes if you bite a cookie and put it on the turntable. If Oreo songs aren't your taste in music, you can record a "personal holiday message" or a different song to play when you activate it. For $20, you get one Oreo Music Box (and a variety of cookies to play on your new turntable, of course). It comes with a package of three Oreo Thins, a sleeve of Oreos, and a pack of White Fudge Oreos and is on sale through Amazon.

SOURCE: Delish

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