Save Money By Shopping Open Box Items On Amazon

December 10, 2019

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Saving money is key to your financial health, especially at this time of year.  Online shopping continues to grow and believe it or not, you can save money as you do in traditional stores by seeking out open-box items. These items that were returned to the retailer, in many cases never used, cannot be sold as new and usually offer a nice discount.  When you open Amazon in your web browser, or the phone app, look for the search bar.  To the left is a drop-down menu.  Search for "Amazon Warehouse" to shop millions of pre-owned, used and open box items. You can also find Amazon Warehouse deals within a traditional search on the site. In the case of those, you can see if there’s a Warehouse deal by looking at the “Used & new” line at the bottom on the price for the item. If you see a Prime logo beside that line, that means Amazon has at one sitting in its warehouse available at a discount.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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