This Company Handles The Logistical Details Of A Relationship Breakup

February 20, 2019

With around half of relationship ending with a breakup. That means you may find yourself in the position of finding a new place to live, furnishing for that place and finding someone to walk your dog in the afternoon.  Fortunately, the newly single don't have to navigate this process alone thanks to Onward, a new concierge service that handles the practical aspects of a breakup so you can focus on recovery. They will find you a temporary and furnished place to live, set up packing and moving your stuff from your ex and mental healthcare search assistance.  Services also include customized neighborhood guide with resources and recommendations for restaurants, bars, gyms, health studios of you new neighborhood, set up your utility, cable and Internet accounts and even schedule grocery deliveries and pet walking, if that is what you need.  Basically the cover all the logistics of moving on while you deal solely with yourself and even offer weekly check-ins to see if there is anything you need. Packages cover from 10 to 90 days and range from $100 and $500 (CLICK HERE).

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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