Ditch Your Knife Block For These Four Blades

October 2, 2019

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Are a "good" set of knives essential to your kitchen?  A big block full of all sorts of knives sits on your counter, that most likely set you back a few dollars.  But do you really need all those knives? The problem with knife sets is that they’re almost universally terrible. Often manufacturers skimp on the quality of block knives and are not designed to keep their edge in day-to-day use, to stand up to regular honings or even sharpenings and not last long. They're often packed with redundant knives you’ll never use, and maybe one or two you’ll use until they’re dull, when they become more of a hazard than a help. Instead of spending money on a knife set packed with subpar knives, use those funds to buy four excellent knives that you will actually use and will last a lifetime. A 8” or 10” chef’s knife, a 3” or 4” paring knife, along, serrated bread knife and a 7” or 8” Santoku.  A chef's knife will most likely become your main knife. It's a personal preference to use an 8" or 10" version but if you work with large cuts of meat or huge, thick-rinded vegetables like melons or gourds, go for the 10" version. A paring knife works in peeling vegetables and fruit as well as general light-duty jobs you don’t want to drag out a chef’s knife for. A serrated bread knife isn't just for bread. Its also perfect for easily cutting through sandwiches, cuts of fatty meat, tomatoes, peaches or just about anything else that’s firm on the outside and soft on the inside. A curved blade of a Santoku knife  makes it a multipurpose player in slicing and cutting.  While you may pay just as much for these four knives as you would a whole block, you are aiming for quality or quantity here.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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