Online Tool Helps You Pick The Perfect School

September 27, 2019

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Finding the perfect college or university sounds simple enough.  However the school you've alleyways rooted for during football games may not be the right match for you socially, for your course of study and your pocketbook. But with more than 4,000 schools recognized by the Department of Education, choosing the right school can be harder than you think. Thankfully there's the website that you can use to find the right school. You can search for the best colleges in 133 categories: liberal arts colleges, community colleges, private universities, "best student life" and “best value,” to name a few. Or you could search for top schools by major, by state, or by academics. While the University of Miami ranks #2 as the best college in Florida, it ranks #5 as a best value (we’re just using this school as an example, not picking on it).  Not only does niche help with college, it can help with K-12 schools too.  You can search for the best schools and districts by state, city, public and private—or by the best teachers, best college prep and most vibrant student life.  All of it is free.

SOURCE: Offspring

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