Are You Considered Middle Class?

September 12, 2018

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There is a lot of talk of the middle class but what does it take to be considered middle class? And for that matter, are you near the top or bottom. An analysis from 2016 revealed that more than a half of Americans are considered to be in the middle based on education and income. 52% were ranked middle class, 29% were ranked lower class and 19% upper class. But income can mean a different class depending where you live.  While a household headed by college graduates with two children and a household income of $107,000 would be considered middle class in Gainesville and Ocala, being middle class in Honolulu, Hawaii; one of the highest cost of living areas in the country, would still be considered middle class but you’d be shuffled down the scale a bit. The research, conducted by the Pew Center has an online calculator you can use, just loaded data from 2016 and allows you to see just where you rank based on your combined household income and area you currently live, or perhaps where you'd like to live. On average, a person making at least $26,000 annually is considered middle class and would need to make a minimum of $78,200 to be considered upper class. CLICK HERE for the online calculator from the Pew Research Center.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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