Olive Oil Isn't Always Best For Cooking

February 13, 2019

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Many of us opt for heart-healthy olive oil, one of the key ingredients in Mediterranean cooking, for all of our cooking needs, but it may not be the right oil for the job every time. While olive oil is usually the highest premium and healthiest oil with good flavor, it has one flaw, a low smoke point.  Around 350°F olive oil starts to break down and starts to smoke not only setting off your smoke alarms but ruining your food. Its' why you should switch to another oil, like grape-seed or canola when cooking at higher temperatures. The smoke point for grape-seed is 400°F and canola is close to 500°F.  Perhaps the best of both worlds is to look for a canola/olive oil blend, which will allow you to cook at higher temperatures but still enjoy the flavor of olive oil.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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