More Than 2,800 New Words Added To The Scrabble Dictionary

May 3, 2019

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Sharenting, blud and bae are among the words to be added to the board game Scrabble. The youth culture slang phrases are counted among the list of 2,862 words, which have been updated to the official Scrabble word list that already contained 276,000 words and the first update since 2015. Political phrases such as 'Antifa,' which describes an anti-fascist movement, and 'omnishambles,' a mismanaged situation, have also been added. Dictionary publisher Collins, looks at terms from Australia, Canada, South Africa, the US and UK and includes new words based on trends and spikes in usage. Now 'Aquafaba,' which is a vegan egg substitute for egg white, can rack you up 22 points! 'Yowza,' used to express enthusiasm or excitement is 20 points and 'shebagging,' in which a female passenger places her bag on the seat beside her, is 18 points. You can verify official Scrabble words online at the Collins Scrabble Official Word Check (CLICK HERE).

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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