NYPD Reunite Lost Engagement Ring With Couple

December 3, 2018

The devil is in the detail can derail any good plan, including a marriage proposal. John and Daniella were visiting New York City from their home in the United Kingdom last week.  As the couple enjoyed the Big Apple, john had plans to propose marriage to Daniella. As the couple strolled to Times Square just before midnight, John gets down on one knee and begins to ask the biggest question of his life.  You can imagine the pressure of making a memorable marriage proposal is high and shaky hands (mixed in with the cold) caused John to lose the engagement ring down a drainage grate! Closed circuit TV cameras caught the couple trying to recover the ring.  Police arrived and attempted to help recover the ring however initial efforts failed and the couple left the scene. However the next day, a police Special Operations team went back in and found the ring. But no one had obtained a name or contact information from the couple. So NYPD took to social media asking the Internet to help in their manhunt for the couple. By Sunday, a tweet confirmed the couple had been found and that the police were working to get the engagement ring back to its rightful owners.  For the record, Daniella said "yes."


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