Your Old Bra Could Help Save A Turtle

July 3, 2019

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Your old bras can actually have a second life and help injured turtles recover!  Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Charlotte is a non-profit wildlife rescue organization who provide sanctuary, rescue, and rehabilitation for wildlife, farmed, and exotic animals. Last week they turned to social media requesting old bras for a very specific task. Turtles are especially susceptible to injury around this time of year, since they’re venturing beyond the safety of their normal wetlands habitats to lay their eggs along shorelines or to escape heavy rains. Also, warmer weather means more dogs, lawn mowers, and cars—perhaps the most dangerous foe of all. In many cases the shell of a turtle is cracked and that's where a bra can help. Specifically, just the clasps on bras is used to glue the broken shell back together. Once the shell has been set and glued, the bra clasps are glued to either side of the crack, and then wind wire around the clasps to ensure that the shell is held in place. After the shell heals, the turtle is released back into the wild with nothing but a great story to tell. Responses to the call for clasps have been so numerous that the rescue center has pledged to donate any still-usable bras to Common Heart, a nearby thrift store and food pantry, and they’re now asking for donations of $3 or $5 in lieu of sending the clasps themselves. 

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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