Waking Up Several Times To Make A Trip To The Bathroom Should Be Addresssed

March 14, 2019

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Drinking a lot of water is good for your body! But what comes in must come out and that usually results in a staggering trip in complete darkness to the bathroom in the middle of the night to complete the circle of water life. But if you are waking up multiple times a night to make that trip to the bathroom you may actually have  nocturia, a medical condition in which a person is not able to sleep  for six to eight hours without getting up to urinate. The condition affects older men more often due to an enlarged prostate but the most common conditions are urinary tract infection, overactive bladder syndrome, diabetes, pregnancy and edema, which involves the swelling of the lower legs. New research sys it is much more common than once thought and affects more than just older men and women. Researchers have found that one in ten people under the age of 45 suffer from nocturia. Besides being missed my many health professionals for treatment because we aren't discussing it with our doctors, it is costing the workforce billions of dollars annually. The researchers found that an employee with nocturia might lose at least seven more working days a year than someone without the condition, and they might also be more likely to experience lower life satisfaction, work engagement, and overall productivity. In any case, if you are constantly waking up nightly for trips to teh bathroom, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss it. At the very least it will ease your mind and perhaps simple treatments could solve the problem altogether.

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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