NFL Player Retires In Middle Of A Game

September 17, 2018


We all have a plans as to our retirement from the professional world, but you've got to wonder if you should call it a career in the middle of a football game.  Buffalo Bills fans were stunned yesterday when Vontae Davis left the team and retired during halftime of their 31-20 loss to the Chargers. 30-year old Vontae Davis had just signed a 1-year deal with the team and although will forfeit the $3.5 million deal, over the past 10 years he has amassed earnings of more than $53million while playing intermittently for the Dolphins, the Colts, and the Bills. Apparently during half time, Davis felt that this isn’t how he pictured retiring from the NFL but after multiple surgeries and injuries throughout his career that it really hit him on the field yesterday that it was more important for him and his family to walk away healthy. Davis went on to say he was at peace with his decision and meant no disrespect to his teammates. The move wasn't welcomed by many fans and by a couple of teammates who were disappointed he "quit" in the middle of a game.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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