Drunk Couple Ends Up Buying A Hotel

October 12, 2018

By now you’ve realized drunk-shopping and Amazon is a bad combination.  In fact, many poor decisions are made under the influence of alcohol. Take the story of Gina and Mark of London. The couple met, fell in love and decided to tie the knot last December!  As most newlyweds do, the couple head out for theri honeymoon and time to enjoy the first few moments of their new life together.  The couple decided to take a three-week backpacking trip in Sri Lanka and it was off to a great start.  The first night the couple hit it off with some of the staff members at the seven-bedroom Luck Beach Tangalle hotel in the coastal town of Tangalle. After drinking 12 glasses of rum, they learned that the hotel lease was almost up.  They found out the lease was just shy of $40,000 for three years and that the lease could be paid annually around $13,200, the buzzed couple purchased the hotel! The couple said they were buzzed for the remainder of the conversations regarding details of the purchase, which also took place in another language, and they needed their friends to translate. But after making this big financial decision, the couple panicked when they found out they were expecting a child. Gina said she felt horrible because the couple was already in debt from the wedding and trip but it was a sink or swim situation as the couple decided to make it work.  After around $8,000 in renovations, they re-opened their hotel this past July. Fortunately business is booming and there is a steady flow of customers.  However the couple insist their next big decision will be made sober.

SOURCE: Fox News

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