New Work Perks That Could Save You Money

September 6, 2019

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Why would you turn away free money?  Come to find out, your employer may be offering perks that you are not using and that's like turning away free cash.  Many businesses are -rethinking benefits in an attempt to lure new people but they are generally available for older employees too.  Continuing education costs is one that is growing.  This is where your employer offers to pay for a portion of tuition costs for employees who have attended school or who opt to go back to school. This usually does not apply to courses you were taking at the time of your hiring. And after you’re hired, it’s one of the benefits that becomes available a bit later; once you’ve been with the company for a few months or a year. Financial wellness programs is another newer program that benefit employees in the same way that offering a discounted gym membership would so that you can get financial advice to plan for a house, vacation or overall well-being. You can generally find out about these types of plans through your 401k plan administrator. While medical, dental, optical and life insurance policies have been standard, many employers are offering pet insurance and wellness plans, which may pay you a subsidies to keep your pets healthy and happy. Contribute to your flexible spending account.  Not only can you use this money to pay for out of pocket expenses such as doctor visits and prescriptions but child daycare and even commuting costs.  Best of all, it is pre-taxed which reduces your take-home pay (on paper) and will save you money in the long term for services you will have to pay for anyways.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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