New Calculator Determines A Dog's Human Age

November 20, 2019

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To find the human age of your dog, multiply its age by seven, right? That's been the standard answer for decades. Recently veterinarians have called for an end to age and more attention to the dog's life cycle.  However a team of formed have come up with a new way to find out their human age.  By using DNA of humans, dogs and mice, they've come up with natural logarithm calculator to give you a better idea of their age. You enter your dog's human age and press enter.  Then you take that answer and multiply it by 16.  Then that answer, you add 31 and voila, you have the actual human age.  So a two-year-old dog is about 42-years-old in human years and a 5.5 year old dog is 57 human years old. However the calculation was made studying only Labrador retrievers, so it may not align perfectly with your dog’s breed.


Take answer and multiply by 16.

Take answer and add 31.


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