Five Steps To Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Dementia

August 6, 2019

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There has been a lot of research into the reasons that cause dementia and with about 10 million new cases diagnosed annually, it affects many people. A ground-breaking report released last month found that living a healthy lifestyle would help you reduce your risk of dementia, even if you have a genetic risk of the disease. Analyzing data from over 190,000 adults 60 and over of European ancestry, they found those with high genetic risk and an unfavorable lifestyle were almost three times more likely to develop dementia versus those with a low genetic risk and favorable lifestyle. However, the risk of dementia was 32% lower in people with a high genetic risk if they had followed a healthy lifestyle, compared to those with an unhealthy lifestyle. Those who were more likely to develop dementia reported eating an unhealthier diet higher in sugar and salt, did not engage in regular physical activity and smoked cigarettes. They also found people who drank at least one artificially sweetened beverage daily was associated with almost three times the risk of developing stroke or dementia compared to those who drank artificially sweetened beverages less than once a week. So consuming less salt, less sugar, exercising more, not smoking and ditching artificial sweeteners may mean you are not prone to develop dementia later in life.

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SOURCE: Moneyish

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