A New Wave Of Weird Items Americans Are Stockpiling

April 15, 2020

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Reports from major retails Walmart, Costco and Target say for the first time in weeks that items Americans are stockpiling has changed. Now that more Americans have adjusted to what will likely be their new normal for the foreseeable future, they’re looking for ways to entertain themselves, stay fit, cook more and grow their own produce at home.  Fruit and vegetable seeds are virtually out of stock at Walmart's website. One brand of seeds, Burpee Seed Company, based in Warminster, Penn. has seen a surge in sales of their vegetable seeds over the past month. Many of their products are either close to being out of stock or are in stock but will not be able to be delivered until a month from now.  Like vegetables and fruits, more Americans are stocking up on yeast to make their own bread. For the first week of April, baking yeast sales were 303% higher than the same week of 2019 and 647% higher than they were for the same week last year. Another hot item are dumbbells and other fitness equipment. Online orders for fitness equipment such as kettle bells, dumbbells and treadmills saw a 55% boost in the week spanning March 11–15 compared to the 10 days before. In mid-March, alcohol sales skyrocketed as people loaded up their pantries before state stay-at-home orders went into effect. By the week ending on March 28, the demand for alcoholic beverages began leveling off compared to the prior two weeks. That said, total online alcohol sales were 291% higher that week compared to the same week last year.

SOURCE: Market Watch

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