Apple Is Making A Big Change With The Connecting Cord That Comes With Your Phone

September 7, 2018

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Anticipation is growing as Apple plans to unveil its latest iPhone version next week and while you it may not be much fanfare for you now, a big change is on the way and it involves all those cables that connect your phone to the charger, your car and your computer.  Leaked info on the upcoming iPhone XS show the chord with a USB-C connector. Back in 2012, Apple changed the lightning side of the cord from a 30 pin connector to today's 8-pin. Now the other end of the cable is getting an upgrade from the current USB-A connection used since 2007, to the slimmer and smaller sized USB-C.  The good news on the change is the USB-C configuration is becoming the new industry standard. This will allow faster charging times and quicker data transfer speeds.  The downside is that the USB-C connection is not compatibles with most, if not all, gadgets and interfaces such as connecting to your computer, in-car infotainment system, and more. It also means the dozens of charging cables you have around the office and at home will be use useful as a floppy disk is to a computer today. The solution, for now, is simpler to the one that allows iPhone 7, 8 and X used listen to audio using a mini jack. Apple will sell USB-C to USB-A connectors separately.  While you may not be in the market to upgrade your phone now, the writing is on the wall that the most common USB ports, in use since 1996, are being slowly phased out.

SOURCE Daily Mail

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