Never Ask About Money Or Benefits In A Job Interview

August 18, 2020

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Earning a living is important and it is natural to ask how much a position pays during the interview process, but it may be the final nail in your coffin.  According to a business management industry insider, hiring managers often have a significant bias against candidates who ask about pay and perks during interviews. Further, in evaluating people for positions, managers rate candidates who focus on the job higher than applicants who also inquire about benefits. And while experts caution hiring managers to not immediately downplay candidates who inquire about pay and benefits at the interview, it is practice that is followed more often than not. Employers want people who enjoy what they do and are not in the office to cash a paycheck.  Asking those questions unprompted may give off that vibe. That is powerful information to know. Be smart about money and benefits by only focusing on selling yourself in the interview. Make sure to get across that you are the perfect candidate for the position and if they ask you about compensation, say you are flexible or that your salary is in line with your experience.  That will most likely get you past the first round of cuts and you'll be in a better position to negotiate if the money and benefits are not what you expected. If you did a great job in selling yourself and the business really wants you, they are more likely to offer more money and/or better benefits.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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