Netflix To Raise Monthly Subscription Rates On All Plans

January 16, 2019


Get ready to pay more for Netflix.  The online video streaming service announced that it is raising prices for all users in the next few months. Customers who enjoy the $8 basic plan will now be charged $9 a month, the standard two-screen option goes to $13 a month and the four screen premium with ultra HD will increase to $16 a monthly.  That's an increase from 13% to 18% and the company's largest price hike. Netflix says the price increase is needed to offset content production for original programming, which cost close to $8 billion in 2018. This comes on the same day that NBC Universal announced reruns of The Office and Friends, which currently air on Netflix, may soon end as the TV network looks to launch its own streaming service in 2020.  NBC would be the latest network to launch its own pay platform and join the ranks on CBS, HBO an ESPN.

SOURCE: Mashable

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