Netflix To Launch A Choose Your Adventure Style TV Episodes

October 3, 2018


Choose Your Own Adventure books have long been favored by kids and keep reading exciting.  Now the concept is making its way to Netflix and your inner child is going to love it!  The online video streaming company announced that is to launch a few choose your own adventure style specials in the next few months. The first project of the new lineup is the Netflix series, Black Mirror, which will feature one interactive episode which will allow viewers to choose what direction it will take. However this isn't the first time Netflix has toyed with the viewer choice on where to take the story. Earlier they released the animated program 'Puss in Book' where viewers could choose alternate endings of the same show. In Puss in Book, for example, the viewer is tasked early on with choosing whether the cat will fight a god or tree. And, if you don't like the outcome, you can always go back and select the other option. But it poses a little more time consuming for non-animated shows as scripts will have to be much longer, meaning writers and producers may have to reassess pay. The move is seen as heading toward Netflix's goal of making watching TV more interactive. Look for the “Choose Your Own Ending” episode of Black Mirror by the end of the year.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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