How To Avoid Tired Bra Syndrome

October 26, 2018

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If you can't remember the last time you bought a bra or the last time you washed the bra you wear most days, you may be suffering from tired bra syndrome. It occurs when you wash and wear your bras for years on end and they became tired and worn out.  If you are wearing the same bra two to three times per week over six to 12 months, it’s highly unlikely to be offering the correct support. The results of a survey found that women are getting as many as 1000 wears out of the same bra. 48% admitted they’ve been wearing the same bra for over three years and 21% have worn the same bra for five years or more. That's a problem because the elastic fibers weaken with each wash and wear. It is why experts say you should be fitted with a new bra every six months, not only because of normal wear, but body changes that can change the shape, feel and size of your breasts. Headaches and neck pain can also be triggered by bras which are either too tight or too loose, but more often they are caused by looser band fits. So make it habit to get fitted for a bra every six months and cure yourself of tired bra syndrome.


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