The World's Most Relaxing Color

August 27, 2019



When it comes to relaxation, a color survey concluded that navy blue is the most relaxing color.  The World’s Favorite Color Project surveyed thousand people across the globe about colors and while it found that our favorite color is Marrs Green (saturated teal hue), it also found the majority of people find navy blue very relaxing.

While blue and green come to find when it comes to calmness or relaxation, the word "relax" was most commonly used to describe navy blue.  This is why many people have chosen to paint their bedrooms navy blue but the color works well for gathering places like the kitchen or your go-to movie night spot. And you don't have to reach for your paintbrush either. Decorating a room with navy blue accents and decor can also create a relaxing experience.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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