Music Shown To Relax Dogs

August 14, 2018

© Sergey Lavrentev | Dreamstime

Music not only relaxes you but can calm our pets too.  Researchers took to several animal shelters in Scotland to see if music can relax dogs and after measuring their heart rate variability and cortisol levels to different genres of music, they concluded that regardless of what type of music was playing, the dogs were generally "less stressed" with music vs. without. They spent significantly more time lying down (versus standing) when any type of music was playing. They also seemed to show a slight preference for reggae and soft rock. The results make a good argument for playing music in shelters, where dogs can be frightened by unfamiliar surroundings. Evans points out that stress can cause dogs to bark, cower and behave in ways that makes it hard for them to be adopted. But music can also help with your adopted dogs too in the event of thunderstorms, fireworks or any other abnormal sounds.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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